Corporate values

  • To encompass expertise, excellence, vision, commitment and dedication.
  • To create long-term added value for our clients, partners and the Group itself.
  • To provide industry leadership and to set new standards, empowered by a state of the art environment and infrastructure.

Ethical responsibility

  • Responsible environmental management is fundamental to our business.
  • We constantly assess and monitor the environmental impact of all our activities.
  • We stand for transparency and fairness in every transaction.
  • Our commitment to social welfare activities is always carried with an utmost discretion.

Social responsibility

  • The essential of our business is to create a better life. Be it while we shape urban areas, develop projects for alternative sources of energy or support various charity and culture causes, our passion for social change and a better life remains one of our greatest priorities.

Our people

  • What makes HGROUP unique are the people behind it. Whether it will be industry experts, entrepreneurs, skillful engineers, technicians and designers, or the best legal and M&A teams in Europe, we take pride in working with open-minded, motivated and talented people. 
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