H GROUP was founded by Mr.Georgi Hvarlev III.

He is a proud descendent of one of the oldest and most respected families in Bulgaria with over 300 years of history.


    In the beginning of the 18th Century a tradition is born:

    According to the first family documents dating from 1708, the family starts its origin in the national revival town of Elena.

    Throughout the years members of the family played an active role in trade, national liberation and education.

    Seeking further opportunities the family moved to Sofia, a thriving center of trade and crafts, before it was accepted officially as capital of Bulgaria around 1850.


    The family is associated with enlighteners, engineers, politicians, bankers and businessmen.

    Among the distinguished family members was General Pencho Zlatev, a noble politician and a freedom fighter, who was elected Prime Minister of Bulgaria in 1935.

    In addition to that, Mr.Hvarlev’s grandfather and mentor Georgi Hvarlev II was an example of the modern day entrepreneur. A well-traveled and educated man, a gifted businessman and a family man, he had diverse interests in properties, construction, trade and manufacturing.


    The 21st Century: More than 20 years of construction excellence

    After 1990, Mr.Hvarlev’s father Dimitar Hvarlev II has concentrated the family’s interests entirely in the construction business, with his participation in various projects all over the world, including some of the largest projects in the Balkans.

    After his father’s retirement, Mr.Hvarlev devoted himself to reshape the focus and structure of the family business based on core construction, creating a cosmopolitan organization without equal in Eastern Europe.

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